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Are the UN WEF and their political supporters world wide trying to kill humans off?

Human rights you have to demand
Are they trying to kill us Text
Are they trying to kill us videos


With the current economic systems in place around the world every country around the world should aim to have a 2% population growth per year. Higher then that place stress on the job market, healthcare, legal, law enforcement, education, communication and transport infrastructure. Lower then that places stress on the financial infrastructure.

Now some will stress about over population as the world will reach 10billion people in 2050, most of this growth comes from Africa where the population growth is much higher then want the economies can accommodate, that is one of the biggest reasons why African countries remain poor. This however is a mute point. We are slowly moving to a cashless society. The biggest obstacle to moving to a cashless society is government, the UN and WEF which is more concerned about personal wealth then the well being of the human population. Before the wider public would accept a cashless society governments will have to change their constitution to add more secure freedom of speech, human body rights, personal and business rights and religious rights. Here is a few examples Cashless society Human rights. In part 4 of the cashless society we will discuss the full power of a cashless society, which will include free medical care which will still enrich private health related business, free education, free housing and cheap space travel space farming and space housing. If you have a entire solar system to colonize 10billion would be a very low number. The only thing standing in our way is the unwillingness of Government, the UN and WEF who seems to be hell bend in enslaving mankind rather then to grand them more rights and liberties.

So are they trying to kill us? I will not answer that question instead i will raise a few points and then you can make your own conclusion.

Are they trying to kill us videos

Are they trying to kill us
Are they trying to kill us
Are they trying to kill us?

Are they trying to kill us Text

Some facts:

Abortion : Killed over 60million America’s since roe vs wade became law. (Woman reproductive rights)

A biological man can not get a biological man pregnant.

A biological female can not get a biological female pregnant.

Puberty blockers can result in infertility. (Trans agenda)

Sex Change medical operations can lead to infertility. (Trans agenda)

Micro Plastics reduces male sperm count. (Large amount of plastic products)

Unfermented soya products reduces male sperm counts. (Soya is pushed unto the public)

Coper shortage in the Human body leads to reduced male sperm counts.

Beer reduces male sperm counts.

Online education leads to less human contact. (No mate)

Long working hours can increase divorce rates and decrease child birth. (Woman did not work in the pass, with both sex’s working working hours should be 6hr and 30min for 6 days to reset the imbalance.)

Late legal sex age leads to less babies. (The average age to start a family was 16 in the pass)

Discrimination against pregnant students leads to less babies. (The average age to start a family was 16 in the pass)

Low wages leads to less babies. (People can not afford children)

High levels of government tax leads to less babies. (Less money to spend less money for kids)

Belly fat reduces male fertility. (Body shaming propaganda)

Obesity can result in diabetes which can reduce fertility in men and woman. (Body shaming propaganda)

Low fitness levels reduces male sperm count and can potentially reduce female fertility.

Low iron levels (pls note to much iron will kill you) in the blood stream can lead to a hormone imbalance in females resulting in low fertility. Iron rich food is red meat, spinach and figs.

So? Are the UN WEF and their political supporters world wide trying to kill humans off?

Human rights you have to demand

Write to you mayor, governor and senator and demand this.

Rights of a religious leader.
(1) A religious leader must as a call of duty; advise his/her followers on which political candidates they should vote for based on their religious text and the moral standards of that religion.
(2) A religious leader has the right and duty to protest and ask his/her following to rise their concerns on teachings in the education system which conflict with their religious morals.
(3) A religious leader has the right to have a fund riser to challenge laws and actions which conflicts with their religious morals in a court of law.
(4) A religious leader has the right to take any organization and/or government entity to court to protect his/her followings religious rights, teachings and morals.
(5) A religious leader and his following has the right to refuse any marking, implant or change to the human body which is in conflict to their religious morals and/or religious text.
Rights to protect Sanctity of the human body:
(1) No government or private entity may force any person or persons or employee to take a mark or implant on their physical body.
(2) A chipped password protected card maybe used by all citizens and government employees and foreign visitors.
(3) No government or private entity may restrict the use of chipped password protected cards.
(4) No government or private entity may request any person to have a marking or implant or any physical addition or change for the purpose of identification, buying and/or selling.
(5) A child in the womb has human rights at 6weeks after conception.
(6) A woman has the right to defend herself against a potential fatal pregnancy and pregnancy cause by rape.
(7) Those who takes markings or implants may not be discriminated against.
(8) No person may have a gender change or be given gender affirming drugs or puberty blockers for the purpose of changing sex; before the age of 24.
(9) Those who change gender or take gender affirming drugs may not be discriminated against.
(10) A business have the right to select whom they want to do business with.
(11) No sex education or sexual orientation education maybe given the anyone under the age of 13.
(12) Children under the age of 13 has the right to own a phone which can send and receive a text message, receive and make phone calls and have where is my child software. (Child location software)
(13) Parents has the right to deny schools the right to teach subjects which is against their religious believes.
(14) Children under the age of 13 may not access the internet.
Privacy rights
(1) No credit provider, legal aid, judge, tax collection authority, law informant, government employee, employment provider or any private person may share the financial record of any citizen. with the public and/or media.
(2) A court order based on reasonable suspicion has to be obtained from a Judge before any investigation into a individuals and/or business financial records may be launched.
(3) No business or private finances maybe taken or frozen by any government and/or business entity unless quilt has been proven in a legal proceeding.
(4) No finances maybe frozen or taken for voicing a opinion on any subject.
(5) No funds maybe frozen or taken given for protests against the government or employment providers.
(6) No funds maybe frozen or taken for not complying to a government health mandate.
(7) No government entity or business or employee may spy on a personal or business account. Only law enforcement may investigate private and/or business financial records after a court order has been obtained. Law enforcement may not share the information with the public and/or media. Credit providers may view financial records with written permission from the account holder. The Credit provider may not share the information with the public and/or media.
(8) Government and/or employers may not tell any private person how they should spend their hard earned money.
Wage Increase rights
(1) Federal minimal wage must increase with real inflation every year on the 16th of December

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Are the UN WEF and their political supporters world wide trying to kill humans off?

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