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In this opinion piece we will address electron magnetic pulse and cyber attacks on a cashless society.

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It is no secret that blockchain technology will be used as well as current save guards that protects, internet transfers and other means of cashless payments. The truth is we have already been using cashless payment methods for well over a decade now. In South Africa a country well know for its crime, there are several people who do not curry cash with them at all; this insures that they will not be robbed or viewed as a target by criminals looking for cash. The world is technically already ready to become cashless, all that needs to be done is the cash it self has to disappear.

Back up systems that stores the states and federal government wealth still needs to be constructed. These are under ground systems that backs up the nations wealth periodically on to under ground servers which disconnects from the main grid. These under ground servers must have separate under ground generators, because a above ground electrical sources is a way in for a electro magnetic pulse.

These back-up systems must be connected to the grid with optical cables, because optical cables can not conduct a electro magnetic pulse and it transfers data much faster then copper cable connections. The unit that converts the information back to a copper connection must also be located underground. ,

What is a electro magnetic pulse. A electro magnetic pulse is a pulse which induces a electric current in conductive materials like metals. It is generated by breaking a magnetic field and can occur naturally like the Carrington Event that occurred on the 1st and 2de of September 1859. Natural EMP’s is generated when a coronal mass ejection from the sun snaps earths magnetic field, while the strongest EMP which man can create currently is from detonating a nuclear bomb, in which case the magnetic bonds between the particles of the nuclear material is broken creating an EMP.

EMP’s can only induce a electric current in conductive material, in other words, it does not kill humans, plants or animals. It is however possible that it can result in a short term behavior change, because the brain uses electrical and chemical processes. For electronic devices EMP’s are deadly. It can kill all the devices we use today, our power grid, our computers, AI, planes, electrical and gas cars, mobile phones, digital information like stocks and bank accounts and so on. EMP’s can not enter under ground bankers unless there is a conductive cable leading in to it. In other words, building a underground banker, with a coper cable connection to a satellite dish or a power source or perimeter sensor, or alarm or internet connection, or any metal which goes to the surface from the banker is not EMP save.

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