Cashless SocietyCashless Society

What is a cashless society? A cashless society is a society which uses digital currency instead of physical money. This has many benefits, but can also have many draw backs for personal rights and freedoms.

We will be publishing 7 cashless society opinion pieces. Once one of the cashless society articles are completed a clickable link will appear.

Cashless society part 1

In cashless society part 1 we will discuss the benefits of a digital money and how it can change human society for the better, Benefits of a Cashless Society

Cashless society part 2

In cashless society part 2 we will discuss safety measures that need to be put in place to protect a nations wealth, against cyber attacks, natural and manmade EMP (electron magnetic pulse) attacks. Cashless society EMP

Cashless society part 3

In cashless society part 3 we will discuss preserving and protecting human rights and freedoms. These are actions which will need to be taking before a digital currency is introduce, to insure that the government and business does not became oppressive and miss use its new found power. Cashless society Rights of the people

Cashless society part 4

In cashless society part 4 we will discuss how a digital currency can be used to reset federal, state, business and personal debt back to zero. Cashless Society Debt Reset

Cashless society part 5

In cashless society part 5 we will discuss the benefits of using several different digital currencies for, states and countries, to preserve wealth and growth with in states and countries. This is imported to prevent all the wealth to flow to only one location on earth while leaving the rest of the world in poverty. ( 5 July)

Cashless society part 6

In cashless society part 6 we will discuss, how taxes can be streamlined and reduce the running cost of the government. (12 July)

Cashless society part 7

In cashless society part 7 we will discuss money creation methods and the safety protocols that need to be in place to ensure the value of the currency. Some of the methods will eliminate banks from the financial system completely, while others will be more familiar. ( 19 June)

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Cashless society

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