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What is the difference between Theoretical science and established science or Science theory and science fact. This has to be taught in school, collage and university. As it is morally incorrect to convince young minds that something is a fact when it is not, resulting in a population whom believes in fairytales which add zero moral values. Scientist and professor has being acting in a immoral fashion for to long, which lead to a anti-human and divided society.

Theoretical science or Science theory

Science theory – A possibility which has no observation to establish it as fact. Current popular scientific theories which is taught as fact but has no observational evidence: The theory of evolution, The theory of global warming though CO2, The Big Bang Theory, String Theory. A good example of science theory which was later proven to be incorrect is the periodic table. Countless chemical calculations which yielded correct results was made using the periodic table and thou math’s it appeared to be correct. However after observations was made using the hadron colander it turned out that a proton is not a particle but actual a group of positive particles and negative particles of which there is more positive particles then negative and a neutron is not a particle but a group of particles of which the positive and negative is the same. Yet for decades schools, collages and universities has taught students that a proton and a neutron is a particle, as science fact when it was actually science theory.

Established science or Science fact

Science fact: a scientific theory which has been observed like gravity, or plant growth due to more CO2 in the atmosphere or Methane increase due to seasonal swings and plant matter decomposing. Science only becomes fact once it is observed. With out observation its just a fairytale which may or may not be true, this must be taught before presenting a student with a theory like evolution otherwise you are teaching falsehoods.

Misleading Definitions concerning Science Fact and Science Theory

In order to push science theory onto the public: educators and establishments like to define Established science or Science fact or Science law as what will happen and Theoretical science or Science theory as explaining why it happens. This is only to make it sound like science theory is factual when its actually just speculation.

Science Theory purpose

The purpose of science theory is to create a platform of research and development not to dictate life and believes. Like fiction can lead to scientific discovery so does Science Theory but until it has been observed as correct it it self is only fiction and a means to lead to an end.

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