The truth is heartless, picks no side, does not care about your feelings, take no special interest in account only facts These are 7 facts concerning Abortion.

Abortion is technically in legal terms murder: If someone with human DNA is attacked and a medical professional can not detect a heart beat, the attacker will be charge with murder. A fetus develops a heartbeat between 5-6 weeks and has human DNA.

The most prematurely born baby who survived was 131days early or 18.7 weeks before due. Richard Scott William Hutchinson mom was only 21.28 weeks pregnant: The world’s most premature baby Little Richard is evidence that abortion after 21 weeks is immoral.

Prolife activists view medical professionals whom preform late term abortions as Psychopaths’: After 20 weeks the fetus looks like a human baby, which begs the question, unless the doctor is trying to save the mothers life, what type of person willing ends a babies life.

Many abortions are done out of greed: If you poll woman who have abortions one of the most common answers is, i will not be able to finish my studies and make more money later in life.

Abortion promotes irresponsible behavior: There are several actions a female can take to prevent pregnancy. She can refuse sex, if the male ignores her request she can charge him with rape. She can refuse sex until he wares a condom, if he refuses her request she can charge him with rape. She can take a pill, injection or implant to prevent pregnancy, and in some parts of the world she can take a morning after pill the next day to terminate any pregnancy. Abortion allows her to sleep around and then just kill anything which resulted from her own actions or inaction. This is classic irresponsible behavior.

The current USA population should be 390 million: Under Roe v Wade over 60 million abortions was preformed.

Prochoice activists are hypocrites: Prochoice activists say they believe in my body my choice, if that was really the case they would have stood against forced vaccination during Covid, yet they never did.

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