The fact is whether you like it or not, AI will trigger a economic collapse due to the decrease in total purchasing power, job losses and the crime which normally follows mass unemployment. Most only focus on the potential destructive nature of AI or the propaganda use of, or the possibility that AI can be come a god to those who worship science and technology, very few ever discuses the potential economic impact of AI and automated systems.

Example: a 1000 robots and or automated systems will take the jobs of a 1000 people but will only create 3 new jobs. These 3 jobs will be higher paying jobs, but it came at the cost of 997 other jobs. In time the systems will fix themselves. It is very clear that this is a recipe for mass unemployment and poverty. In time AI and automated system, will acquire the resources need to maintain them, manufacture the parts and in time even fit the parts themselves, no human interaction, zero jobs. Why would parents send their children to school if no jobs are available, how would people take part in the economy if they have no income to spend, how would business even exist with out paying customers?

There are only 3 possible solutions: Heavy tax on business so that the government can pay the citizens, to spend money at the businesses. However their will be a lot of waste in such a system and business still need to pay for updates, to software and the material used to build and maintain the AI and automated systems which means they will have less money to pay towards tax which leads to very low incomes.

Government can limited the legal use of AI and automated systems to insure employment, or government can pass laws for each business sector which require that they pay no less then a specific number of people according to turnover made and the business sector they fall under.

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Job and AI

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