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Trump Proposes Building Ten New US ‘Freedom Cities,’ Offering ‘Baby Bonuses’

Trump Proposes Building Ten New US ‘Freedom Cities,’ Offering ‘Baby Bonuses’

Trump’s Baby Bonuses

Trump did not say how he will introduce baby bonuses, so we will still speculate.

Trumps Baby Bonus speculation:

Why have baby bonuses? Since 1970’s when the experts claimed that the world can only support 4billion people, which time has proved was just another lie because we are on 8 billion now, because of this claim western countries and Japan had a massive crash in population growth.

Why did the population crash? More woman entered the work force, supply and demand, this over decades let to a reduction in the value of wages paid. One of many factors. We will discuss this more in our article about ” why do you have the working poor “. Since both caretakers is working they had less time for family. Ways to fix this will be discussed in our article ” why we have the working poor “.

The cost of raising a family increased, since both care takers are working for a less valued wage and need a caretaker when at work, raising just 2 children places as much stress on a low income family as 7 just 60years ago.

Raising Tax, Governments is slowly increasing tax as more and more socialist programs are introduced and more governments are committing money to international agreements, like for example the Paris climate agreement and to pay ever increasing government debt. We will address a possible way to reset government debt to zero in our article ” Cashless Society: How to and Human rights laws ”

The age at which woman has babies has increase. The education system has brainwashed young woman that they should no longer should start a family at the age of 16 (the most common age at which woman would have babies in the historic past.) The education system is also not made to accommodate young moms, the reason for that is simple the world can only support 4 billion people remember.

Contraception. Contraception allowed people to enjoy sex with out having children, protect again sexually transmitted disease and allowed for responsible family planning.

Abortion. Abortion has killed over 60million babies in the USA. In other words the USA population is 60million smaller then it would have been excluding the babies some of that 60million would have had by now. Abortion also encourage irresponsible sex and sexually transmitted disease.

LGBTQ movement. The LGBTQ movement is still very small and relatively new. This will only contribute to population reduction in the future. Gays can not produce children, Trans kills futility by removing sexual organs. Puberty blockers destroys sexual reproduction.

Plastic and soya products. Micro plastic reduces male futility and causes genetic damage which can lead to cancer, some countries even banned glass bottles in favor of plastic bottles (Wonder why). Soya products like beer increases the female hormone in the human body, decreasing male futility, the reduction is small, but contribute to the bigger picture. Many so called nature lovers are pushing more and more soya based food, instead of meat. If they get their way, the species, man used for food for centuries will go extinct. Cattle and sheep needs a large area to survive and is not keep as pets, no use no longer able to survive in the wild, result; extinction.

Medical expense. The effect medical expense has on peoples willingness to have children depends on what economic system, laws, restrictions, limitations and medical aid systems a country has. This differs greatly from country to country. We will discuss it in details in the article called ” Modern Feudalism vs Socialism vs Free Market Capitalism vs Community Capitalism ” Basically the more the medical expense the less likely a educated induvial will be to have children. Intelligence are transferred by the X chromosome. The less intelligence people have babies the less intelligent the average citizen becomes, this negative effect will only be felt over centuries.

Freely available credit. The larger percentage of a individuals income goes to debt repayment, the less motivated a individual will be to have children. This is most common amongst educated people who will calculated that they will go bankrupt if they add anymore expense, educated people tent to look at children as a expense and not as a blessing. Credit is also one of the reasons we have the working poor and products and services that is more expensive then it should be. (Supply and Demand)

So how do you get people to have more babies?

1. Tax credits for married couples with 3 children under 16 (Studies showed a child is less likely to became a criminal when they have 2 parents)

2. 5 Minimal wages: (1) Starting minimal wage for single childless employees under 40. (2) Higher for single moms (3) Even higher minimal wage for married couples under 40 (4) Even higher for married couples with children (5) People over 40 (Studies showed a child is less likely to became a criminal when they have 2 parents)

3. Working hours reduction. With the exception of a few job groupings the maximin working hours per day is set at 6hrs and 30min. Overtime is illegal. One continues 24hour off period after every 39hrs worked. This new law will increase family ties and mental health while reducing sexual infidelity. This will also increase job opportunities as 24/7 companies will now have to increase their work force with 25%.

4. Educational infrastructure for pregnant woman.

5. Business Tax credits for total amount of employees per turnover, more valuable tax credits for amount of married employees with children per turnover. (Will be discussed in more detail in our ” AI treat and solutions ” article )

6. All legal credit providers must be licensed and registered on a federal wide credit network. If someone apply for credit; the credit provider must be able to see how much of their income is going towards debt, and based on that information, provide or deny credit. Credit repayments must be limited to 10precent of income, and mortgage repayments to 10precent of income. Leaving 80precent of income for other expenses. This does not apply to student loans and business loans, as these are based on potential income.

7. Medical expense for having a baby and medical treatment for children under 12 must be capped. The amount a medical provider may changed must be limited and the amount of profit a producer, distributor and provider of children medication older then 10years must be limited, to reduce the cost of the medication. The amount of profit a medical staff provider may make off each medical person they rent out to a medical provider must be capped, to reduce the medical providers cost.

Please note: Nothing listed above was said by Donald Trump The whole baby boom section is only speculation on what type of action Trump may or may not consider, Only Trump and has inner circle knows his plan as Trump has not gone into detail how he is planning to execute his planned baby boom.

Trump New US Freedom Cities

Check back soon This article is still under construction.

Trump Proposes Building Ten New US ‘Freedom Cities,’ Offering ‘Baby Bonuses’

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