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How baptism is done, what baptism is for and its meaning and when do we get baptize

What is baptism for

Baptism was started by John the Baptist, to symbolism someone’s commitment to repent from sin. God loves a repenting heart. In other words you can only be baptized when you are able or willing to repent from sin and follow Jesus Christ. Baptism symbolize you commitment to repent from sin, which also means you can rededicate as many times as you feel necessary.

When do we get baptized

Some Christian denominations baptism babies, but baptism is a symbol of you commitment to repent from sin, a baby can not make a commitment to something it does not understand.
Jesus love children very much and yet He never instructed His disciples to baptize them. First lets breakdown the statement that Jesus loves children very much. In the gospels Jesus said that it would be better for you to hang a heavy stone around your neck and jump into the ocean then to prevent a child to come to Him. Suicided is murder, which is a sin. So Jesus said you will be better off sinning and risking a eternity in hell, then you would be if you prevent a child to come to Him.
In other words there is a punishment worse then hell awaiting all these people, teaching sexual immorality to kids, all these trans children book writers, all these parents feeding kids puberty blockers and so on. What this punishment is I do no know I am just a servant I do not know everything.
So what did Jesus do when the children came to Him? He blessed them. When your child is born, let a man of God bless them, when they understand what repenting from sin is and they are willing to follow Christ, let them be baptized on their own accord.
You can get baptized when ever you are ready to commit to repenting from sin. You may fail from time to time as long as your heart is set on repenting from sin, and you follow Christ, you will be saved. God love a repenting heart, and Jesus said that only those who does the will of God shall be saved. Yes Jesus is the only way to heaven, but God decides whom gets to go.

How should you be Baptized.

The same way Jesus was baptized. Your head must be covered in water. It is not a sprinkling of water, Jesus was submerged under water. You must be baptized in the name of The Father the Son and the Holy spirit. Some denominations, baptize in the name of Jesus only because that is what the apostilles did. So who do they follow Jesus Christ or the apostilles. Who is the only way to heaven Jesus Christ or the apostilles. When ever the apostilles did or said something which contradicts Jesus Christ ask yourself: who do you follow. If your answer is not Jesus Christ, you are not a Christian your a apostlelite and follower of the apostilles and they can not take you to heaven.

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How baptism is done, what is baptism, what is baptism for, what is the meaning of baptism, and when do you get baptize

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