In this article we will address some commonly used term, so that you can identify them in doctrine and lies, some of the most common methods used in false doctrine and lastly how to make true doctrine.

Some common terms used in doctrine

Most of these terms are used in end times doctrine. You can not make doctrine based on prophecy, so all these doctrines are false. You must consider all bible base interpretations as true. These terms will help you to see, which of these doctrine are bible based and should be considered as a possible true interpretation.

Taken away, shall be saved and taking out of: The modern term its called rapture. Its found in Revelations 7, Matthew 24 and 1 Thessalonians 4. Revelations 7 and Matthew 24 gives the timing of the rapture.

Beast: The modern term is superpower, world power or world financial capital. The beasts of the world at the time this article was written, is the USA, UK, EU, Russia, China and India.

Beast of the earth: A world power with a low population density. At the time this article was written this would be the USA and Russia.

Beast from the sea: A world power with a high population density. At the time this article was written this would be the UK, EU, China and India.

Mark of the beast: A financial system used by a world power linked to a spiritual mark or physical mark. Spiritual mark would be a state religion, most modern countries do not have a state religion, but examples for this would be: communism (where the state is god), Sharia law, Roman Catholic Church (state religion at the Vatican). A physical mark can be a tattoo link to financial transactions, a implant link to financial transactions, a mandatory vaccine which with out you can not travel, shop or work. Like the resent vaccine was a good candidate for the mark of the beast, but it was only a prelude of what is to come since the mandatory part of it was lifted in most countries around the world.

Kings of the east: Found in the second to last battle in the book of Revelations. This is a 200 million strong army made up from a coalition of countries which has a capital located east of the city of Jerusalem. There is no major eastern military’s coalition at the time this article was written. There is eastern trade partners, but most armies are either linked to western armies or stand alone. It should however be noticed that ties, between China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran is currently forming, placing them right next to the area the book of Daniel describes the Antichrists’ Kingdom will be located, the very kingdom the kings of the east will attack. However it is still developing and if it will remain, is still up for debate.

End times Whore: In the book of revelations, the Whore rides the dragon, but the dragon is released upon the world once the Whore is destroyed in a single day and the world rejoice. Interesting Mistry Babylon is also destroyed in a day, however there is not enough to say its the same place. A whore country or group is a nation or entity which tells others what they can and can not do. In the middle ages this was the catholic church who run countries from behind the scenes. Till recently, before Biden the USA run countries thou intimidation and finance. The UN, WEF, UK, EU and China are other examples. The WHO also what’s to join the Whore club by trying to convince countries to sign a treaty which will allow them to dictate what countries should do during a pandemic, ironically we have the technology to create pandemics.

Earth or World: In Jewish traditions (the people who wrote the bible) the term world means 70 ethnic groups. There are countries today, like Tanzania, who has over a hundred ethnic groups. So if Tanzania should attack Swaziland, in the bible it would read the world attacked Swaziland. It can also mean world power. Example the bible says Babylon rule the world, even thou the Jews knew about Egypt and Ethiopia neither conquered by Babylon. Babylon was the superpower of that day. The bible also says Persia ruled the world. Same thing there was countries method in the Bible Persia never conquered. They where the superpower of the day. The bible also says the antichrist will rule the world, yet the whore rides the dragon, the kings of the east attacks him, Isaiah and Enoch mentions a country who survives the entire end time with out being conquered by anyone and send resources to Christ to help rebuild Israel into thee world superpower. The antichrists’ kingdom is the super power of the day.

White: There is only 3 colors in the Bible that means you are from God. Scarlett, Blue and White. No idea why so many religious leaders wear black. White always means pure. So the white horsemen is a end time religions leader. If he was not his color would not be white. The horses that follow him are the same horses which followed Moses and Elijah. Economic collapse, war and death. The plagues of Moses caused a economic collapse and death, but before Egypt could attack their warriors drowned in the red sea. Elijah’s drought cause a economic collapse and death thou starvation, believers and none believers alike. The day the prophets of Baal failed to lite a fire, the men of Israel attacked and killed them.

Heaven: Modern term is atmosphere, that’s where the Devil currently lives.

2de Heaven: Modern term space, that’s where the pagan gods or the watchmen or angels who left their first estate who fathered the Abenaki or Nephilim or Giants or Titans are from.

3de Heaven: Beyond space, no modern day term. That is where Gods’ angels live.

Most common methods used in false doctrine

Remember this: The devil attempted to tempt Jesus by quoting the bible.

1. Its based on something which is nowhere in the bible. Examples: There is no grace gospel or prosperity gospel given in the bible, In fact Jesus said teach what I taught you, and said the end will come once the Kingdom Gospel is preached thou out the world, not the grace gospel nor the prosperity gospel. The Catholics pray to Marry based on a doctrine that drinking alcohol is a sin even thou Christ said this is how you pray “Our Father who is in heaven” and even thou the ten commandments says you pray to no one but God. No where in the bible does it say you may not drink alcohol its say: do not be a drunked (drink alcohol on a constant base like every weekend) and you should not drink strong drink (neat whiskey, bourbon, brandy, cognac, taking shots and the like), but drinking alcohol once in a while is permitted, so the entire catholic concept is based on falsehood.

2. Taking verses out of context. Example: There is a Christian denomination who teaches that when you die, your pastor, must unlock the gates of heaven for you. This like most false teachings is based on a bible verse which in context means the knowledge Christ gave is the keys to heaven.

3. Flat out lies: Example: The grace gospel teaches that Paul was the first to teach that you do not have to follow the law to enter heaven. This is a lie, this was one of Christs first teaching found in the first part of Mathew where Christ said there will be people in heaven that did not follow the law, but those who followed the law will have a higher spiritual ranking. Paul writings left out the last part because of a early church doctrine created by James the brother of Christ which said they should not teach the law to gentiles, because even the Jews could not follow it in full so how could a gentile. Another example that will shock most people is that thou shall not lie is not part of the ten commandments. Thou shall not be a false witness, is the commandment which many replaced with thou shall not lie. A false witness is some one who tell lies or spread false gossip about other people. Some pastors even think its okay for woman to gossip, its in their nature. Its not: if false, its a sin. You may indeed lie to protect servants of God from evil people. There is even people in the historic text whom God rewarded for lying to protect servants of God.

4. Following teachings which contradict Christ: Example: Christ said baptize in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy spirit, yet the apostles baptized in the name of Jesus. Christ is the only way to heaven, not the apostles, when ever they contradict Christ you do as Christ said. Do not make up a doctrine to justify the actions of man.

5. Its based on historic text and prophecy: Example: Historic text and Prophecy is open for interpretation. If its bible based and make sense to you, its correct. There is not such thing as a doctrine based on historic text or prophecy, as all bible based views must be considered correct. How to divide the bible

6. Lack of understanding: Example: In the bible God told the Jews to kill all the men, woman and children. Atheist love using verses like these, mostly because they do not know the bible or biblical context. If they read the whole story, they would know that the people in the promise land was Nephilim, a human alien cross breed. That’s why God said they must all be killed, so that their genetics do not mix with the Jews.

How to make True Doctrine

  1. Divide the bible correctly How to divide the bible 2 Timothy 2:15 King James ‘Bible Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.’
  2. No doctrine can be based on historical text and prophetic text, its shadows and all biblically based interoperation, must be seen as corrected. This will prevent you form taking the mark of the beast. 2 Peter 1:20 King James ‘Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation’ Proverbs 3:5 King James Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;
  3. All holy spirit inspired text must have two witnesses. Not verses by the same author, but 2 authors. That is why the bible repeat it self so many times, its for the purpose of true doctrine. 2 Corinthians 13:1 King James ‘This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.’ Matthew 18:16 King James ‘But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.’

How to make True Doctrine and Identify lies

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