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The ideal population growth is for every 90 citizens who die a 100 new citizens must be born. The ideal immigration number should always be capped at 5 immigrants for every 1000 citizens per year. What makes the stated goal above ideal is that a low population growth and a low immigration number, helps to keep crime levels low, and employment levels high. This leads to more financial and political stability. The population growth rate also supports financial programs like retirement funds, and health care. Younger people are more resistant to most illnesses then older people, which allow funds from the young to flow to the old. Immigration assists in suppling fresh DNA to keep the population healthy, but the requirement of new DNA is very low. Some believe its in the order of 0.5% over a period of 100yrs.

Immigration can be controlled by physical barriers, motion sensors, border guards, ocean, air, and land patrols, and a active deportation program. Assisting in job creation, low crime levels, human rights policies and the economic well being of once neighboring countries can also help to reduce immigration.

Factors that encourage or discourage population growth

Religion In biblically correct Christianity, Islam and some secs of Hinduism: children is either seen as a blessing from God or a reincarnation vessel for those whom has died. Islam sees children as a blessing from God, Some Hindu secs see children as a reincarnation vessel for souls while Christians sees children as a blessing from God and to a very limited extent as a reincarnation vessel. The higher a countries religious convictions, the higher the birth rate.

Legal sexual age Women whom have children at a younger age tent to have more children then woman who have children at an older age. One of the biggest factors that contributed to population growth in the early 1900’s was woman whom started families at the very young age of 16. Even in my own family tree my gran mother became pregnant at the age of 14, by my grandfather who was 10years older which now is considered rape in some countries and illegal. Those same countries are now facing a local population collapse.

Education As governments, businesses, and places of education convinced people that they need a collage or university degree to live a descend life, the birth rate plummeted. The reason for this is as method above, woman spend more time getting a education, and started families if any at a later stage in life. The fact is the average woman become less fertile as they grow older, there are exceptions as with every rule, as not all people are the same. Here is a simple example, if a female has a child at 16 and 19, there is a strong possibility that she will have another at 28; but if she has one child at 28 the possibility that she will have more drops very low. This problem can be addressed by a law that states that a education facility, must have lower fees for married woman with children, and must have day care facilities available if the education facility is a physical location. The law must also state that a woman with children can finish their education over a longer period of time by doing less subjects at a time, allowing her to work if she wish to do so and allowing her more time with the children while learning.

Housing In an educated population economic factors like the cost of housing, food, clothing, transportation, education, medical expenses, and working hours will determine how many children the population will be willing to have. This section of the population is a critical part of a nation’s gene pool as it contains the largest percentage of X chromosomes that will produce offspring with high levels of intelligence, thus a higher likelihood of producing offspring that will drive future innovation. One way to insure adequate affordable housing is contractor licensing. In order to be a contractor, you have to have a license. One of the requirements to having a license is building 3 low income accommodation unites every year. This is the critical part, what is low income accommodation. This is the suggested definition of a low income unite: A unite which can be rented at the cost of 10% of minimal monthly wage for the period of a month or can be purchased at a average of 50% of minimal monthly wage over a period of 20yrs. The minimal size of each unit is as follows: 1 kitchen 6ft by 6ft, living room 6ft by 6ft, a room with a toilet, wash basin and shower or bath and 3 rooms with a foldable single bed or foldable bunkbed 90inches by 50inches each room.

Food The cost of food is the biggest economic impactor of all economic factors. The reason for this is, that food is a item humans need daily and can not go without. The lower the cost of food, to more serves and goods the population can afford and the more business opportunities is created, the more expensive food becomes the smaller the amount of serves and goods the population can afford. Investing in affordable food producing technologies should be every nations top priority. Food is not just a source of protein or energy, this is a trap most people fall into, food also provides vitamins and minerals. Example, the range of vitamin B is needed to process protein into cells and energy, vitamin C, D3, Zinc and Selenium is needed to fight off illness. Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc is needed for healthy bones. Vitamin A, Vitamin K2, Folic Acid, Vitamin C and Zinc is needed to reduce the risk of Cancer. In sort affordable food producing technologies, not stomach filling technologies. No use in having a population with full stomachs, but they are chronically ill, or suffer from low energy levels or are struggling to sleep or have a low sex drive or low sperm production or unstable hormone levels because the food source is inadequate. More opinion pieces on food and health : How to reduce bone decay // Lasting beauty tips // How to reduce the rate your organs age

Medical expenses In a capitalist society medical expenses can only be controlled, if the government limits how much medical suppliers, medical producers, and medical providers may charge for services rendered, and how much they may charge for medication and technologies older then 7yrs.

Working Hours Its suggested to reduce working hours to 6hours and 30minutes for 6days a week and to declare working overtime illegal. This is to allow couples more time with each other and their children. It is also recommended to declare 1 day a week family day. During this day all businesses must be closed only law enforcement, emergency personal, military personal, intelligence services, security services, accommodation personnel, medical personnel and religious institutions may work on this day. During the pandemic domestic violence increase because of 2 mayor factors, alcohol and other drug abuses and strangers living in the same house. Due to the fact that we live in a unisex working environment, couples spends more time apart and spend more time with other potential partners at the work place. The result, strangers living at the same address, and a ever increasing single parent households, in some cases zero children because they never settle down.

Abortion This should be obvious, abortion reduces population growth.

Trans indoctrination and treatment This is new and its effects has not been felt as yet. People under the age of 24 is very impressionable, because the average female brain is only fully developed at the age of 23 and the average male brain is only fully developed at the age of 24 which makes it easy to convince them of something with is not true. Most people who suffers from gender gender dysphoria recovers before they reach the age of 24, making any hormonal and physical treatment of the condition immoral. The effects of trans indoctrination and treatment should be obvious, the larger the amount of sterile people with in a population the smaller the percentage of people in a population who will be physically able to reproduce.

Birth control Birth control comes in many forms: condoms, the pill, the morning after pill, implants, injections to name a few. This allows couples to plan how many children they would like to have. Before birth control woman would have between 7 and 12 children in some rare cases the number would go far beyond that, after birth control became more accessible to the public, the legal age to consented sex was increase or created and the education system branded having children as a bad thing the amount of children a woman would have dropped to between 0 and 2 children, however there are woman who would have more children. Over a period of 54yrs, this resulted in multiple European and Asia countries having a negative birth rate. It is not because people stopped having sex, its because they can plan their pregnancy and the current governments, and laws are not presenting any benefits to having more children. Birth control has a place in modern society as a uncontrolled population growth leads to poverty and suffering, but without a positive population growth rate the economy will collapse.


Governments must created laws and incentives that encourage woman to have more then 2 children in their life time, but at the same time try to limited it to only 3 or 4 children. A negative population growth will collapse a nation and eventually erase that nation with in a few generations, while a large population growth rate will be followed by crime and poverty. A balance needs to be achieved. We already have indoor farming technologies that enable us the grow food in sky scrapers, under ground, under the ocean, and in space, we already have technologies to re-use and de-salt water. We have a whole universe of resources to populate. We just need to achieve a balance, not to much not to fast, we need stability.

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