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Trump Rips Biden’s ‘Marxist Equity’ Plan, Details Blueprint To End ‘Woke Takeover’ Of Govt

JUST IN: Trump Rips Biden’s ‘Marxist Equity’ Plan, Details Blueprint To End ‘Woke Takeover’ Of Govt

Christian perspective

Why have a Christian perspective on a American politician prospective? A estimated 50% of the American population identify as Christian and since the leader of the USA is considered to be the leader of the free world it is imported to note that people who identify as Christian make up the largest religious group on earth. In fact there is 1 billion more Christians then the 2de largest religion namely Islam. If you still do not get it, there is more Christians, then the population of China, western Europe and the USA combined. From a business perspective, the Christian market is the biggest in the world, only problem being it is spread around the world.

There is no skin color in the bible, people of all skin colors is equal under God. So called equity is biblically incorrect. There is a word for judging people according to skin color in the none Christian world, Marxism. Hitler was a well know Marxist.

The word Christian means follower of Christ, so what Christ says is law. Christ instructed that all Christians must love their enemies. Who is the enemy of Christians? Sinners are the enemy of Christians.

According to the direct word of God, and punishment giving in the past, men sleeping with men is a sin, men dressing as woman is a sin, woman dressing as men is a sin. So Christians are instructed to love gays and trans people, but they are also instructed not to take part in their sins. God has destroyed 2 cities and a entire world for the following sins: men sleeping with men, woman saying their men, men saying their woman, rape, the contamination of the age of innocence (girls 0-12 boys 0-13) and the mixing of seed (Humans sleeping with none humans).

Concerning the age of innocence (girls 0-12 boys 0-13). Christ said it would be better for you to murder yourself then contaminate the age of innocence (girls 0-12 boys 0-13) and that a punishment worse then hell will be giving to the souls whom has contaminated the age of innocence (girls 0-12 boys 0-13).

Performance perspective

Lets say you want to build a men’s sprinting team to compete in the Olympics, but you are not allowed to use the athletes with the fastest times. Will you win, no you will lose its common sense to win you need the best of the best.

The same goes for everything else if you want your business to preform to the best of its ability, you need the best in the game, you want your country to preform at its best, you need the best leaders. In a common sense world sexual orientation and skin color has no place in business or politics. Only the best of the best will give the best results. Equity and woke driven laws, only weakens business and entire countries for that matter.

Moral prospective

Any law which advantage any group above another is Marxism. Calling apartheid, equity does not change the basic principle that one group is being advantaged above another. Calling apartheid, affirmative action does not change the basic principle, that one group is being advantaged above another. They are all immoral, and they are all Marxist, its just the skin color and sexual identities that is being switched around, but they are all exactly the same thing. Basically from a logical stand point, everyone who is pushing these equity, woke and affirmative action agendas is no better then Joseph Goebbels, and Hitler himself, they are only using different groups but they are doing the exact same thing.

Trumps perspective

Getting rid of all the equity and woke; laws and agendas is the right thing to do, from a freedom of religion, performance, moral and logical perspective. But firing someone, who actually know what they are doing, is not. If there is someone or multiple people who received, there position, because of equity, but they are actually good at their job; they should be able to keep it. Just going in firing people before assessing their work will be morally wrong. I do agree that Trump must take action when he because president, but it sound like he just wants to fire left, right and center and that I can not support.

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