The basic steps to follow to promoting a movie, series and gaming brand using trailers.

Step 1

A trailer that announce that the product is being worked on. The basic goal of the trailer is only to let the fans of the brand know that a new installment will be coming at a undetermined date somewhere in the future and remind them how much they enjoyed the product in the past. This trailer must end with a hashtag, all future trailers must end with this same hashtag, you shall see the purpose of this hashtag at the end of this opinion piece.

This is what is called planting a seed. A idea or thought that is store in the subconscious for about 6months in the average persons mind.

Step 2 (3-6months later)

A trailer which teases or rally supporters of the product. This must also end with the same hashtag as in step 1. The purpose is only to show supporters that you know they are out there. This is normally done but recreating fan comments or screen grabs of fan comments or referring to popular hashtags used in the community who supports the brand or referring to popular fan made video or fan art or just a flat out tease like as a example only // calling on the #alitaarmy //

There is nothing fans love more then being noticed by their favored brand. This also acts as water for the seed in step 1 and will by the last step result in a online promotion team. Not because you pay them because you don’t they do this out of love.

Step 3 (3-6months later)

A trailer which announce the release date of the Main trailer. The purpose is create expectation of more to come with out revealing any information of the product itself while creating disappointment because the next trailer is so far away. The Main Trailer is the 2de to last step more then a year into the future. This trailer is your second seed. This seed will help your main trailer to trend on social media in the future.

Emotion is a great way to get people engaged. This trailer must also contain the hashtag in step 1. Expect some really agree fans.

Step 4 (3-6months later)

A trailer that shows the year and season when the product will be released to the public. Fans will jump of joy because they expected the next piece of news much later, and they will be reminded in their minds of the trailer in step 3 watering your second seed. This trailer must end with the same hashtag in step 1.

Step 5 (3-6months later)

a 10 second teaser trailer the first trailer with actual events of the product, but very short very sweet. This trailer ends with the chosen hashtag from step one and the words full trailer in x amount of time. (6months to 1year out)

Step 6 (3-6months later)

a second short trailer with a tiny bit more then the one in step 5. This builds anticipation. The trailer ends with the full trailer release date and the hashtag from step 1

Step 7 (up to 30days later)

The full trailer of the product and the; to the day; release date of the product. The trailer title must have the chosen hashtag at the end, because many of your fans will post it directly from the video upload site onto their favored social platform.

This is where everything comes together. The fan base who loves your brand knowns when the main trailer will be release. This will result in them rushing the trailer as soon as it appears. This in turn will result in a high volume of traffic over a short period of time which, in return will make your trailer trend in its category, exposing your product to all the users of the upload site or sites.

Right after that your fan base will flood social media with your chosen hashtag. It has to be only 1 hashtag to concentrate the whole discussion in one place. This will allow this hashtag to trend and expose your product to all the social media users.

Humans loves to follow success, if your product trends, the consumers will come.

Step 8 (30 days later)

Release the product.

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