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In this opinion peace we will compare the theoretical attribute of humans, cyborgs, ai bot and Alita Battle Angel.


a specific organic creation on planet earth with the ability to create, dream and worship.


a hypothetical human whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body.

AI Bot

a Robot that uses artificial intelligence to guide its mechanical body.

Alita Battle Angel

a Fictional cyborg with advanced Nano tech. Light years beyond anything we could possibly see in the next 100yrs.

Opinion Sections

Neurolink like technology
Physical Strength
Life Span
Life Experience

Neurolink is a technology that interacts with the human brain and has several potential future applications. All new technology has positive elements to it and negative elements to it depending on how it is use or how it is allowed to be used.

No neurolink type technology no Cyborgs.

What can neurolink type technologies be used for once perfected? If you are paralyzed, this technology will allow you to use mechanical limps, if your heart fails it can be replaced with a mechanical heart, if your body is invested by cancer that part of the body can be replaced with mechanical parts if need be the entire body.

Neurolink type of technology can also allow you to download information from the internet or a data source, directly into your mind, like Neo learned how to fight on the fictional show the matrix.

The negative uses are, the government can fill your mind with propaganda or even enslave you, you can be hacked remotely like the in the fictional show Alita Battle Angel where Nova hacked some of the characters remotely. You will become more vulnerable to EMP’s. The sun can produce EMP’s naturally, this is rare but it does happen. Your brain will be more exposed to a possible infection.


Intelligence comes in many forms. In 2024 most countries and employers focus on academic intelligence. During the dark ages society mostly focused on creative intelligence.

AIBot – Artificial intelligence, can process and combine information at incredible speed and has a almost flawless memory. Academically artificial intelligence has no equal in the physical realm; as far as we know; but it has flaws, it’s not perfect, in fact its not even close to being perfect.

AI works from a data base or network like the internet, it knows everything on that data source. Its programing tells it what can be trusted and what can not be trusted on public networks, here is the first flaw, it does not have the ability to select information on its own accord. Some may consider this as a great human flaw, the unwillingness to believe everything scientist tell them to believe, however consider this.

In the 1970’s scientist believe the planet can only support 4billion people, we currently have 8billion. In the 1980’s scientist believe the world will enter an ice age, but in the 1990’s they believe the world will have uncontrollably global warming and released a pear reviewed and approved study based on tree rings showing a massive increase in temperatures over the next decade which never happened. In the 2000’s scientist claimed that all the harbors would be flooded by 2020, due to rising ocean levels, Its 2024 the harbors did not flood. AI would have believes and repeated all these claims as true, yet they turned out to be false, where as some humans never believed these claims. So who is the smartest?

We can also question AI when it come to information given from running massive simulations using massive amounts of data points. The human mind can not run anything like this, we need computers to do this. The problem is if one of these data points is wrong the results of the entire simulation will be incorrect.

How about creative intelligence? AI can create art work, music, poetry and novels in seconds, much faster and better then the average human, the problem is everything AI creates comes from data that has been processed in its data pool it can not create something from nothing, where as the human mind can.

No where in nature is any creature that wears clothing, thus no data, yet humans created clothing. No where in nature is little humans with wings, yet humans created fairies. Creativity is the biggest driver of scientific progress, the ability to make something from nothing will always allow humans to pursue technologies that does not exist, while AI can only approve upon technology that already exist or that which is related to what already exist, it can not start a new field. That is why subjects like music and art must always have a place in the human education system; to train the human mind in what makes it unique and its greatest advantage.

Cyborg – Cyborgs has a human mind, and can do what the human mind can do, low processing speed, high creative potential, but unlike humans all cyborgs comes with a neurolink type of implant to operate their bodies, if enabled, they will have access and instant recall of, information on a data base.

Humans – Human has a low processing speed and bad memory, but humans can select what they believe and what they chose not to believe and humans has a very high creative potential. Even thou AI is light years ahead of humans on a academic level over the long run humans will always be more advanced, technological speaking, even thou this may not seem to be true over short periods of time.

Alita – in the fictional world of Alita battle angel has a normal human brain, bad memory low processing speed, but when she entered a spacecraft from mars the ship responded to her. Alita do have a neurolink type of technology that can interact with mars technology, so she can connect to a data base, but only specific types of database.

Physical Strength

AIBot – robots are faster and stronger then humans, and because of the AI processing speed, much faster reaction speeds.

Cyborg – Like AIbots strong and fast, but a slower processor, thus slower reaction speeds.

Humans – Humans are slow and weak, but with training humans can build mussel memory which will increase reaction speeds.

Alita – Alita uses Nanotech, she is very strong, very fast and because of the Nanos her reaction speed should be superior.

Life Span

AIBots – AIBots unlike humans are parasites. To maintain it self it needs none renewable resources which is found at specific locations and can run out. AIBots can live for centuries, even millenniums. It all depended on the availability of resources for the purpose of maintaining it self.

Cyborgs – Cyborg bodies are parasites, while its brain is not. Robot bodies uses resources, that is found in larger amounts then the resources that is needed to maintain a AI brain, so Cyborgs society can survive longer on one planet then a AIBot society. The Cyborg brain however is what shortens its life span. The human body produces chemicals that helps to maintain the brain, a cyborg does not produce these chemicals, thus its brain will have a shorter life span then the brain in a human body.

However Cyborgs does not safer from the illness that kills most humans, namely hearts attacks’, cancer and diabetes.

Humans – Uses renewable building blocks to construct it self. Although human society is currently parasitic, the human itself is not. The average human has a life span of 136yrs. Humans do not life that long because of, bad eating habits, bad exercise routines if any, environment, lake of yearly fasting, micro plastics, radiation and stress/mood.

The human body renew if self continually, the reason humans do not live forever is because the new cells is not as good as the older cells, once this problem is over come, humans can live forever.

Alita – In the fictional story of Alita Battle Angel; Alitas’ mind survived 300yrs, without a body. This is possible if her organic material contain nano’s. The Nanotech can repair and remove bad organic material, allowing it to survive for very long periods of time. In the movie we also discovered that her nano’s can extract resources from the environment, this means Alita is a human, machine, plant combo. This will make a Alita type of society the same as a human, its not parasitic as it can renew resources.

A life form like Alita has a limitless life span, and unmatched restore capabilities.

Life Experience

How you experience life is depended on your senses, chemicals and interaction. Interaction is determent by society and the laws which govern them. Thus the life form has very little control over it, its created by the system.

AIBots – A AI is limited by its programing and sensors. A AI can not experience life as a human since it has no chemical component.

Cyborg – A Cyborg is limited to the sensors its equipped with. The brain however does generate chemicals which can increase life experience.

Humans – Humans are born with the sense of sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste, allowing them to experience life, the human brain also produces chemicals that evoke emotion and the human body produces chemicals which can evoke emotion increasing the human experience above the life experience of a cyborg.

Alita – The fictional character of Alita in Alita Battle Angel has all the senses of a human, but her body is hyper sensitive. Alita also has nano’s which seems to produce chemicals like the human body and she has a human brain which produces chemicals like a human. It is theoretically possible that Alita experience life more intensely then the average human.


AIBots – AIBots can only produce more AIBots if there is enough resources, as they are parasites.

Cyborgs – Cyborgs are depended on human reproduction and resource availability.

Humans – In 2024 these are the factors which has a influence on humans fertility: micro plastics in the environment, radiation produces by technology and the modern environment, Norms and believes created by society, religious leaders, political leaders and educators, male stomach fat, fitness, Lack of coper levels in diet, lack of nutrition in food consumed, availability of food and/or the cost of food, lack of living environment (housing), cost of living, time it take to complete education, lack of accommodation in the society for children birthed by teens, alcohol abuse, drug abuse and incorrect food choices.

The technology available in 2024 allows humans to produce food, on the surface, below ground, under water, in multi level building and in space. The only thing standing in the way of humans multiplying into the trillions are the factors named above, cost of living being the single biggest factor, as using indoor farming techniques to its full potential will cost a fortune.

Alita – Yes Alita can have sex and have orgasms, her nanos take the form her mind wills. Alita can also create a womb if she has that image in her mind and her nanos are super sensitive. The question is can her nanos use the DNA in her brain to create a egg? Theoretically a possibility, but the fictional movie Alita Battle Angel gave zero induction that her nanos’ are equipped with this function.


AIBot and Cyborgs are parasites they need none renewables to survive. They are not sustainable technologies.

Humans can survive till their home planet is destroyed because they use renewables, not true about modern human society but true about humans themselves.

Alita – Although she is fictional and we do not have any technology even close to being as advanced as her technology, the possibility that such a technology can exist is very real. Her nanos can renew resources, use the same thing over and over again. A Alita type society is sustainable.


AIBots, Cyborgs and Alita is very well equipped for life on mars, humans not so much, these are the obstacles humans must cross to live on mars.

Mars has very little oxygen, the human eye needs to shared into a distance, needs bright light and red light to stay healthy so no restricted under ground living. Humans cells are very vulnerable to radiation, just like AI and Cyborgs are vulnerable to EMP’s Alita regenerates so not a issue. Mars has no magnetosphere to keep solar and galactic radiation out. The human heart need gravity and moderate exercise to remain healthy, mars gravity is weaker then the gravity on earth, bad news for the heart.

All of this can be over come: A see though dome that contains a earth like atmosphere and blocks solar radiation. The dome can have a light source connected to increase light if needed and the temperature of the atmosphere in the dome can be controlled. A g-force room or exercise program can be used to maintain heart health.

Mars has water and we know how to recycle water and with indoor farming technology. which we already have, we can grow food anywhere, we just need the to make the solution or soil. Mars is red because of Iron oxide so there is billions of tons of Iron and Oxygen on mars already.

The only subject we have no information on at the moment is how would a lower gravity affect a fetus?

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Human vs Cyborg vs AI bot vs Alita Battle Angel

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